Nunziatella Mozzarella service set – Cooling container + slotted spoon by Alessi White


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Alessi Mozzarella service set White Plastic material.
Dimensions: Ø 22 x H 29 cm (120 cl volume) – Ladle: L 21.5 cm.
“Alessi and the Consortium for the Protection of the Mozzarella di Bufala PDO are coming together for an original and fun project which combines design with a symbol of Italian gastronomic excellence.
Culture and tradition meet in this Nunziatella mozzarella service set with a sophisticated and evocative design.
The cooling container made from white thermoplastic resin combined with its slotted spoon made from steel let you serve the mozzarella and keep it in the fridge completely elegantly.
An innovative object which comes out of the need to give an account of the beauty and bounty of Italy, while promoting the history of an ancient product, exported throughout the world, via a contemporary interpretation.
The cooling container is designed to contain a traditional 500-gram mozzarella and its liquid (or pieces of a lesser weight).
For optimal preservation, the liquid must be equal to the volume of mozzarella.
The steel ladle, to collect, drain and serve the mozzarella has an “”S”” shaped handle so it can be hung on the edge of the container.
The steel skimming ladle lets you extract the mozzarella with all the care required, while keeping the outer part intact in order to avoid the buttermilk (which is rich in flavour and the main characteristic of this unique and special food) contained inside from coming out.
The designer, Emma Silvestris, has designed a container in an evocative shape with a milky whiteness.
At first glance, the container looks like a buffalo horn, then looking closely, the shape of a large drop of milk, sweet and well-rounded, appears, typical of the mozzarella ball.
Emma Silvestris wanted to get across the love of her land and its excellent produce in her creation, which honour her all over the world.
Dimensions:Ø 22 x H 29 cm (120 cl volume) – Ladle: L 21.5 cm