Pacha – Avec accoudoirs Padded armchair – Pierre Paulin, 1975 reissue by Gubi White


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Gubi Padded armchair White Textile.
Dimensions: L 100 x Depth 85 cm x H 65 cm – Seat: H 37 cm – Armrests: H 43 cm.
The iconic Pacha armchair was designed in 1975 by Pierre Paulin, one of the greatest representatives of French design.
Paulin designed some of the most famous chairs in contemporary design, exhibited in the most prestigious museums around the world.
The Pacha armchair is characteristic of the revolutionary style that Paulin initiated in the late 1950s.
This low foam seat with its plump shapes is a perfect example of the change in design at the time, moving away from post-war austerity towards a less rigid, more celebratory and relaxed aesthetic.
As with all his work, Pacha’s starting point for the chair is comfort.
The curved, whimsical, organic shapes of Pierre Paulin’s armchair are designed to serve the body, offering both comfort and conviviality.
Paulin was able to give these round shapes real elegance by finding the perfect proportions and slightly elevating the seat on a base.
The seam lines that give structure to the foam contribute to the elegance of the silhouette.
The forerunner of a modern lifestyle, Pierre Paulin was one of the first to design low seating, far from the unnatural position of traditional chairs.
Paulin’s work fits perfectly with the rise of the intimate sphere and the concern for bodily comfort of the sixties.Appearing just as contemporary as when it was designed, the Pacha armchair is a timeless, functional piece that gives character to any interior.
Dimensions:L 100 x Depth 85 cm x H 65 cm – Seat: H 37 cm – Armrests: H 43 cm