Paresseux Vase – Hanging vase by Tsé-Tsé Transparent


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Tsé-Tsé Vase Transparent Glass.
Dimensions: H 28 cm – Ø 15 cm.
The Paresseux is a simple vase that does not know to hold itself standing, suspended in the airs to a steel cable, it balances himself .
To see it thus to oscillate, you can test a pincement to the similar heart to the one that give rise to the acrobats to the circus; nevertheless, its evolutions are sure and it does not risk nothing.
The Paresseux vase appreciates all the flowers, but it likes all particularly to have dresses it well filled with foliages.
You also can adorn it branches that run down, or do to climb in height, alongside the cable, a stem of lierre.
Asymmetry suits for him.
Dimensions:H 28 cm – Ø 15 cm