PC Portable Wireless lamp – For outdoors – USB charging by Hay Red


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Hay Wireless lamp Red Plastic material.
Dimensions: Ø 14 x H 22 cm.
Pierre Charpin’s portable PC lamp is updated with ultra-colourful pop versions that feature bold colour combinations.
This ABS lamp stands out with its tulip-shaped lampshade.
This lamp illustrates the work of Pierre Charpin : a simple vocabulary, elementary forms mixed with the desire to offer a sensual object.
Compact, lightweight and splash-proof, the PC Portable lamp offers up to 10 hours of battery life.
In the garden or on the terrace, put it on your coffee table or dining table: its soft glow creates a warm, gentle atmosphere, ideal for your evenings with friends.
Put it in your suitcase during your travels : it’s perfect for camping, on the beach …
Place it in a dark corner of the living room or entrance to get the soft effect of candle light.
The PC Portable lamp slips in anywhere, bringing light to those recesses we tend to neglect.
Designer Pierre Charpin explains: I often talk about sensuality in design.
I wanted this lamp to be more sensual than technical, to make the object less demonstrative and more user-friendly.
At the time Hay was developing its first lighting collection, we worked on the PC lamp project with the common desire to offer a sophisticated, affordable product.
As a designer, I want to design objects that can easily cross the border between home, office, public space, indoors and out.
The PC lamp is a fine example of this limitless vision of design.
What interested me was to see the lamp as a presence, as part of the domestic landscape.
I wanted the object to be legible as a whole.
In French, I would say a silhouette.
Dimensions:Ø 14 x H 22 cm