Platebowlcup Bowl by Alessi White


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Alessi Bowl White Ceramic.
Dimensions: Volume : 50 cl – Ø 14 cm.
This is all you need to make a good everyday table setting.
‘PlateBowlCup’ bone china tableware and ‘Glass Family’ glasses: a tableware collection ‘entry level’ in the Alessi catalogue.
It’s true that the price of these household objects is highly accessible, but this has not compromised the quality of design.
We feel that this design neatly expresses the contribution that ‘A di Alessi’ has made to truly democratic design.
Jasper has said: ‘I like the idea of a democratic wine glass which is slightly more formal than the others, to be used to give the table an easy aspect of a ‘dinner’ rather than just dinner’.
I would like to add that his quest for anti-glamour ‘normality’ paradoxically gives his designs an air of sophisticated simplicity, which is a good description of one of the ambitions of the ‘A di Alessi’ brand.
‘PlateBowlCup’, table set in fine bone china for everyday use, with reinforced rim as in plates for community use.
Great attention has been dedicated to even the smallest details (such as cup handles, plate rims, cup wall curvature, and differentiated thicknesses).
Dimensions:Volume : 50 cl – Ø 14 cm