20UP Front 4B Sliding Wardrobe with Matt Glass Front


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The 20UP Sliding Wardrobes are manufactured in Germany, by prestige manufacturer, Rauch.
The 20UP wardrobe with sliding door are the highest quality Wardrobes Rauch offer.
If you are looking for Gorgeous, Dynamic German Sliding Wardrobes, the 20UP will be the perfect choice.
The 20up is the most exclusive range in Rauch’s collection and it has an extrodinary sizing structure that allows it to fit almost anywhere! Rauch completely diversified with the 20up.
It has many different door front designs and variations, but we liked one in particular to keep it simple.
Custom fit your 20up wardrobe down to the very last centimetre.
Designing made-to-measure wardrobes that fit flexibly into corners and under sloping roofs and make the best possible use of every nook and cranny and ensure a perfect fit every time.
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Dimensions:Packs CollectionAvailable Width160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 240cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm, 380cm, 400cmAvailable Height223cm, 235cmAvailable Depth68cm