Xtend Sliding Wardrobe with Frame-2 Wave Glass


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The Rauch Xtend Sliding Wardrobe are manufactured in Germany by famous manufacturer, Rauch.
If you are looking for high quality German Sliding Wardrobes the Xtend Sliding Wardrobe is the perfect choice for you.
Xtend being the most exclusive range by Rauch offers has an extensive choice of sizes.
Widths that are offered are increased by 20cm from 1.6m all the way up to 4m, allowing this to be customized to fit almost any bedroom space.
This mesmerizing range offers vast selection of colours and finishes.
If you are looking for an elegant and classic finish there are many to choose from including eye pleasing Sonoma Oak.
There are also many coloured glass and mirror options available to suit your personal choice.
All Rauch furniture are made to order & can be delivered in 8 Weeks.
This Item is easy to assemble.
You can reserve this Gorgeous German bedroom furniture by just paying 25% Deposit & rest before the delivery.
0% Finance available.
Excellent 5 Star Customer Service.
This wardrobe is on Sale & in stock, available to buy online for free delivery across UK.
Available to purchase online at Choice Furniture Superstore and at the CFS furniture shop in Leicester, East Midlands.
CFS offers free fast delivery on Xtend Sliding Wardrobe is available at UK best highstreet stores.
However you may find different names used in each store for Xtend Sliding Wardrobe & can be found under the name as Formes Sliding Wardrobe, Vogue Sliding Wardrobe, Riga Sliding Wardrobe with Frame-2 Wave Glass, Atlanta Sliding Wardrobe with Frame-2 Wave Glass.
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Dimensions:Dialog CollectionAvailable Width181cm, 226cm, 271cm, 316cmAvailable Height223cm, 236cmAvailable Depth68cm