Rex Bench – Coffee table – 80 x 30 cm by Ibride Black


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Ibride Bench Black Plastic material.
Dimensions: L 80 x Depth 30 cm x H 44 cm.
Ibride is shaking up our domestic world and offering us furniture to adopt like a pet! Half-Cerberus with its imposing musculature, Rex can serve as a small bench or coffee table, in the garden or living room.
The world of Ibride invites us to venture into another dimension, to project ourselves into an interior where objects tend to breathe, where their presence resonates and reveals itself…
Rex is made in France from a very robust material which resists water – compact laminate.
Rex is designed with an unprecedented assembly principle guaranteeing solidity to match its build.
Dimensions:L 80 x Depth 30 cm x H 44 cm