Row Rug – Ø 200 cm by Northern Grey


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Northern Rug Grey Textile.
Dimensions: Ø 200 cm – 16 mm thick.
The Row rug collection is inspired by landscapes seen from the sky.
The textured surfaces are shaped by parallel relief lines that resemble the furrows of a ploughed field.
The repetitive, dynamic pattern includes random intermissions: the lines intersect, meet at different angles, playing with the effects of breaks, offsets and continuity.
These smooth rows of soft wool create tactile landscapes to caress with both the eyes and the hand.
Row is available in a choice of sober shades inspired by nature: light grey, brown and green.
Made from New Zealand wool, Row rugs are hand-woven.
Craftsmen sculpt the fibres by hand to form the long, uniform rows that create the rugs’ contrasting lines.
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Dimensions:Ø 200 cm – 16 mm thick