Serpent Rug – 198 x 139 cm – Vinyl by PÔDEVACHE Multicoloured


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PÔDEVACHE Outdoor rug Multicoloured Plastic material.
Dimensions: 198 x 139 cm.
From the kitchen to the bedroom via the bathroom or terrace, the vinyl rug is taking over our homes ! Easy to maintain, the vinyl rug is easy to clean: it has nothing to fear from crumbs, water, stains or UV, and is ideal for outdoor use.
Like true floor paintings, vinyl rugs come in ultra-graphic prints : they delimit and personalise space by creating a unique, original decoration.
Old-school tattoos are becoming part of the decor …
Dotted with colourful, symbolic patterns, this vintage tattoo-inspired rug features a deliciously retro, rock style.
The prolific, ultra-trendy prints make this rug the centrepiece of your decor.
Dimensions:198 x 139 cm