Sorry Giotto 1 LED Table lamp by Catellani & Smith Blue


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Catellani & Smith Table lamp Blue Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 30 cm – Base: 10 x 5 cm.
Led lights of the “Sorry Giotto” collection present several variations of a ring, a simple and sleek but visually strong form.
The name “Sorry Giotto” refers to Giotto di Bondone, an Italian painter of late Middle Ages.
A legend says he drew a perfect circle for pope only by hand! This table lamp, minimalist and timeless, is a truly contemporary sculpture.
It does not reveal its function when switched off and gives rather an impression of being a piece of art.
When switched on, it creates a splendid atmosphere.
Sorry Giotto is made of blue painted copper.
The LED sources are on the back of the circle and produce indirect halo light on the wall.
This lamp provides new quality lighting: relaxing light, inviting to meditation, reducing stress.
Sorry Giotto is equipped with an intensity dimmer.
Dimensions:Ø 30 cm – Base: 10 x 5 cm