Stacked 2.0 Shelf – Small rectangular 43×21 cm With back by Muuto Blue


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Muuto Shelf Blue Wood.
Dimensions: L 43.6 x W 21.8 cm x Depth 35 cm.
The Stacked modular box system lets you create your own fully customised storage furniture! Stacked boxes come in different sizes and colours, and with different options (with or without back, with or without door): so you’re free to create new, unstructured, contemporary forms.
The modules can be stacked or juxtaposed.
The boxes with a back can also be fixed to the wall.
Combining the boxes could not be simpler! No need for either screws or glue : just use the metal clip supplied with each module which lets you hold two boxes together.
You can also buy a set of 5 metal assembly clips separately (available in a range of colours) to assemble as many Stacked modules as you want.
Stacked is a totally modular system: you can use just one box or assemble several, vertically or horizontally, to create a piece of furniture that can be transformed at will.
Shelf, large bookcase, bedside table, storage unit for the kitchen or bathroom …
it’s all possible with Stacked! Stacked can even be used as an open, architectural partition to structure space in a modern, fun way.
Versatility limited only by your imagination.
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Dimensions:L 43.6 x W 21.8 cm x Depth 35 cm