Strand Open Pendant – Ø 40 cm – Cocoon resin by Muuto White


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Muuto Pendant White Plastic material.
Dimensions: Ø 40 x H 50.2 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max..
The Strand pendant is the first creation for Muuto from the famous British designer, Benjamin Hubert.
Poetic and organic, the Strand pendant is the result of a remarkable piece of work using material, shape and volume.
The lampshade is made with a cocoon resin sprayed onto a fine steel frame.
This quasi-“organic” surprising material at once evokes the lightness of a fabric that’s been frozen, the warm texture of paper, the chrysalis of a butterfly in the making…
Through transparency, the steel frame forms delicate vertical geometric patterns.
The fibrous translucent material filters the light for a diffuse, warm and comfortable lighting.
When lit, the Strand pendant creates a fanciful atmosphere in the space, with a real emotional force.
The Strand pendant provides lighting that is both diffuse and direct, via its upper and inner openings.
The Strand collection is available in a set of spherical, simple, natural and organic forms.
These evanescent and soft shapes decorate the space with their pure and original presence.
Dimensions:Ø 40 x H 50.2 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max.