String® system Wall mount – Set of 2 by String Furniture White


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String Furniture Wall mount White Metal.
Dimensions: H 75 cm x Depth 30 cm.
An icon of Scandinavian design! The String shelving system was designed in 1949 by the famous Swedish interior designer Nils Strinning.
Fully modular, this shelving system gives you complete freedom to customise the look, dimensions and functions of your bookcase.
All the elements (uprights, shelves, boxes…) are sold separately and very easy to assemble.
You choose the number of uprights, the number and length of the shelves, you can add boxes …
String shelving is still made in Sweden with great attention to quality.
Its design has remained unchanged since 1949.
To build your String shelving, nothing could be simpler! Shelves and boxes can be freely arranged in the steel wire lateral uprights.
You can choose between several types of shelves: simple shelf (L 58 cm or L 78 cm), magazine holder shelf (L 78 cm) or shelf with 3 built-in boxes (L 78 cm).
You can also choose a crate with sliding doors or drawers.
The shelves and containers fit easily into the steel lateral uprights without the use of tools.
They can be freely arranged at the desired height.
They’re very easy to assemble and disassemble: so you can change them around in the blink of an eye.
The steel lateral uprights attach to the wall.
To create your String composition, simply buy at least 2 lateral uprights.
If you want to expand your bookcase, you can add a third or additional uprights.
This set includes two lateral uprights in lacquered steel wire.
Each upright measures: H 75 cm x Depth 30 cm.
These uprights are suspended and must be fixed to the wall at 2 points: top and bottom.
Dimensions:H 75 cm x Depth 30 cm