Surface Baking dish – enamelled – 38 x 25 cm by Serax Green


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Serax Baking dish Green Metal.
Dimensions: L 38 x W 25 x H 6 cm.
Surface is a collection of essentials for cooking designed by the chef, Sergio Hermann in collaboration with the Serax brand.
Whether you are busy at the stove at home or in a restaurant, the right utensils are absolutely vital when cooking.
As such the Surface saucepans and dishes were created, with a focus on the longevity of the products.
Perfectly robust, this baking dish is made from cast iron and has an enamelled layer inside.
This allows it to be cleaned easily, ideally withstanding high temperatures and keeping its heat for longer, encouraging the combining of the food’s flavours.
This very practical and versatile cast iron is compatible with all heat sources! The design of the Surface collection is characterised by soft and elegant forms.
Celebrating the material, the raw nature of the cast iron is apparent on the outside, creating a contrast with the smooth inner surface.
As well as making things easier in the kitchen, the clean look of these cooking utensils and the wonderful Camogreen colour that they sport, allow them to be placed harmoniously on the table.
These dishes can therefore be shared among all the guests and are there for the pleasant times as a family or among friends, helping to make the atmosphere even more friendly.
Inspired by open kitchens and lively tables, each item from the Surface collection tells its own story.
There is nothing better than sharing delicious dishes in a friendly atmosphere…
Dimensions:L 38 x W 25 x H 6 cm