Tam Tam Stool – Lacquered plastic by Pols Potten Blue


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Pols Potten Stool Blue Plastic material.
Dimensions: Ø 35.5 x H 46 cm.
A high-gloss lacquer finish for this stool with a sculptural outline! Made of polyester, Tam Tam is the result of a remarkable piece of craftsmanship: in total there are 12 layers of lacquer which are applied to the product in order to get an extreme shine.
Between each layer, the stool is dried and hand polished.
This method requires great expertise and lots of patience: making a stool requires roughly 90 days of work.
Behind each stool, you can feel the hand of the craftsman: so each piece is unique! With its original outline and its range of dazzling colours, this vibrant stool will spruce up your décor.
The multifunctional Tam Tam is suitable for a range of uses: it can be used as an occasional stool around a table or in a lounge area, or as an end table, a footrest, a sofa-end or as a bedside table in a bedroom.
Dimensions:Ø 35.5 x H 46 cm