Terrazzo Planet Pendant – Adjustable disk by XL Boom Red


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XL Boom Pendant Red Stone.
Dimensions: Ø 45 x H 15 cm – Cable: L 200 cm max..
This pendant uses terrazzo in a modern and elegant way.
Very trendy, this mineral material with stylised mottled patterns takes over our interiors for a modern and chic décor.
Reminiscent of Saturn and its rings, the finely-worked terrazzo disk turns around its central light globe.
The Terrazzo Planet pendant offers a wonderful combination of materials.
The terrazzo disk is mounted on an opaline glass diffuser-globe surrounded by a golden brass ring.
The raw yet chic look of Terrazzo blends harmoniously with the sophistication of brass.
The disk is mobile: with a simple hand movement, you can adjust it and tilt it (straight or tilted position).
As such, the Terrazzo Planet pendant transforms itself and changes shape according to your decorative whims.
With its irregular mottled patterns, its mobile disk and its singular character, this original pendant will give your interior a certain cachet.
The terrazzo is made from recycled tiles and marble.
Dimensions:Ø 45 x H 15 cm – Cable: L 200 cm max.