Terrazzo Square table – 60 x 60 cm by Hay Black


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Hay Square table Black Metal.
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm x H 74 cm.
Terrazzo table is an easily placed table for indoor and outdoor use, the table is developed and designed for environments where quality and durability is required, for example: cafés, restaurant, gardens, terraces or balconies.
This requires a high quality product, in this case we have chosen to work with materials and surface treatments that can endure the stress of a tough environment.
The tabletop is made of electro-galvanized steel coated with a powder coat for outdoor use.
The strict and functional top is broken off by colorful and playful base in Terrazzo.
The Terrazzo basically has the qualities of concrete, but unlike concrete the material has an expressive and fantastic surface that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Perhaps its best known as a surface material in subway platforms, the durability and frost resistance makes Terrazzo optimal in a heavily exposed environment.
– I first discovered terrazzo years ago as it’s used as a surface material for almost all the subway platforms in Stockholm, to me it’s always been a pity it hasn’t been used more as an application in the furniture industry.
Since it’s a fantastic material for outdoor use and also has a beautiful vivid aesthetic.
Dimensions:60 x 60 cm x H 74 cm