Toiletpaper Cushion – Revolver – 50 x 50 cm by Seletti Red


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Seletti Cushion Red Textile.
Dimensions: L 50 x larg.
50 cm.
It is Maurizio Cattelan, an inescapable figure of contemporary art, and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari who created this capsule collection for Seletti.
Unlike any other, it is provocative, amusing, absurd and eccentric all at once.
The items in the collection are decorated with surrealist images taken from the Toilet Paper magazine, founded in 2010 by two Italian artists.
Perfectly manicured cut-off fingers, soap with a bite taken out of it, fish stuffed with precious gems, a canary with a cut-off wing, and more.
Dreamlike Toilet Paper motifs tinted with black humour inspired by the worlds of fashion and advertising, combining commercial photography, twisted visual narratives and surreal imagery.
Toilet Paper questions our contemporary obsession for images, explores our most unspeakable desires and urges.
All the items in the Toilet Paper collection present startling scenes, mixing disturbing normality and troubling ambiguity, stirring feelings of horror combined with visual pleasure.
A work of art in itself, the Toilet Paper collection questions, due to its accessible price and wide distribution, the nature and limits of the contemporary art market.
This question has always been central to Maurizio Cattelan’s work…
A bold graphic display highlighted with bright and contrasting colours, one thing is for sure – these Toiletpaper cushions will attract everyone’s attention! With their velvet covering with intense colours and their down padding, these cushions offer incomparable comfort.
Dimensions:L 50 x larg.
50 cm