Toldbod Pendant – Ø 17 cm – Aluminium by Louis Poulsen Blue


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Louis Poulsen Pendant Blue Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 17 x H 17.3 cm – Cable: L 300 cm max..
The Louis Poulsen design team has developed the Toldbod lighting family, inspired by the PH Ellipse street light.
This street light for public lighting in Copenhagen was the last concept of the great Danish designer before his death (1894 – 1967).
This aluminium dome displays a very designer minimalism.
The Toldbod pendant directs most of the light down, true to Poul Henningsen’s philosophy of shaping light to illuminate spaces without dazzling people.
The white-painted frosted interior of the conical lampshade helps produce uniform lighting, perfect for targeted lighting and the overall ambiance of the room.
Originally, Louis Poulsen based his Toldbod pendant on the principle that the simpler the design, the more versatile it is.
Although the soft, precise shape of the Toldbod model works very well on its own, this model is ideal for an in-line or cluster layout with a single colour or mixed palette.
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Dimensions:Ø 17 x H 17.3 cm – Cable: L 300 cm max.