UAU Floor lamp – Floor lamp by Catellani & Smith Silver


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Catellani & Smith Floor lamp Silver Metal.
Dimensions: Base : 12 cm x 12 cm – H 150 cm x l 55 cm.
Subtle and magic presence for this attractive floor lamp.
We are seduced by this floor lamp with minimalist and essential lines.
Thanks to its unique design, UAU reveals a completed feature by offering a mixed lighting: it dispenses not only a general ambient light but also an ideal lighting of accentuation above an armchair or above a desk.
Thanks to its soft start switch function, the floor lamp ignites gradually.
UAU combines energy saving and performance of lighting.
Thanks to the technology LED, the lighting is supported and functional without being brilliant.
UAU can be positioned easily above a table without dazzling the dinner guests.
He assures a discreet presence in all types of environments.
Dimensions:Base : 12 cm x 12 cm – H 150 cm x l 55 cm