Under The Bell Small Acoustic suspension – Feutre – Ø 55 cm by Muuto Black


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Muuto Acoustic suspension Black Textile.
Dimensions: Ø 55 cm – H 31 cm.
Cosy style and a wonderful interplay of material for this Small pendant (Ø 55 cm).
Under the bell is a wonderful combination of ecology and design: the large lampshade is made from a 100% recycled felt, made from plastic bottles! Very soft to the touch, the felt gives this pendant a cosy, elegant style.
In addition to its aesthetic side, felt is a material that absorbs sound and reduces its reverberation.
This acoustic pendant is a real bubble of tranquillity for those under the dome! By reducing noises, Under the Bell creates an intimate and protected environment.
Ideal in a living room, above a dinner table, Under the Bell is also suited to the challenges of public areas: restaurants, bars, offices, meeting/conference rooms, museums, libraries, hotel lobbies, etc.
You just need to look at this wonderful pendant to recognise the Nordic touch: elegant, simple and restrained.
The outside of the shade is available in a mixed white, grey and black, while the inside is white.
Dimensions:Ø 55 cm – H 31 cm