Vertigo Nova LED Wall light – Ø 110 cm – Rotating arm by Petite Friture White


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Petite Friture Wall light with plug White Plastic material.
Dimensions: Lampshade: Ø 110 cm – Distance between the wall and the central glass diffuser: Depth 100 cm.
Vertigo Nova, a star is born…
In a few years, the Vertigo pendant has become an emblematic light of contemporary design.
Petite Friture and the French designer, Constance Guisset, have written a new chapter in the history of the iconic Vertigo pendant, which is now available as a wall light and floor lamp.
These new editions are equipped with a central glass globe housing a cutting-edge LED technology, giving off a very gentle light.
Vertigo Nova reuses the conventions and unique design which have made the traditional Vertigo pendant so successful: a large size, movement, lightness, graphic style and elegance.
Its unique feature: the integrated, powerful and dimmable LED technology, which ensures an excellent diffusion, gentle or intense, as you like.
Vertigo Nova magnifies the light: in addition to the practical and uniform light, this wall light projects a pretty shadow pattern on the surrounding walls once switched on.
The arm can rotate: Vertigo Nova’s lampshade consists of flexible polyurethane strips hand-stretched over a thin fibreglass structure.
Vertigo Nova quivers with vibrations.
It floats freely in space and twirls gently under the effect of drafts…
Like a wide-brimmed hat, its mysterious, enveloping shape suggests an intimate space.
A true “cabin lamp”, it blends naturally into its environment by delimiting a graphic, almost transparent space, as if suspended between floor and ceiling…
This lamp-sculpture is intriguing due to its form and its movement, appealing through its look.
A singular presence ideal for daydreaming.
The designer, Constance Guisset: “Vertigo Nova was born from the desire to work with the light of the object to soften and graduate it.
The technical part is now sucked into a mysterious frosted glass.
The function of the lamp is enhanced to only allow the essential to appear, a blanket flying between two bodies of water, light and delicate.‘’
Dimensions:Lampshade: Ø 110 cm – Distance between the wall and the central glass diffuser: Depth 100 cm