VL Ring Crown Pendant – 3 lampshades – Ø 55 cm by Louis Poulsen White


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Louis Poulsen Pendant White Metal.
Dimensions: Ø 55 cm x H 23.3 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max..
This pendant comes from the VL collection, created in the 1940s by designer Vilhelm Lauritzen for the former Copenhagen Radio House.
These lamps, which combine hand-blown glass and brass, have a sober elegance typical of the modernist, functionalist era.
Vilhelm Lauritzen, the creator of VL, is one of the most representative Danish designers of this period.
In his architectural creations, he grants a vital role to natural light.
When designing his lights, he sets out to recreate this same lighting comfort, both gentle and efficient.
The VL series has now been reissued, respecting the original materials and design.
It’s made of untreated polished brass, with glossy white lampshades in hand-blown opal glass (three superimposed layers).
The VL Ring Crown family brings a unique and authentic touch to refined interiors, as well as a warm light to delicately illuminate modern life.
Its delicately organic shapes, brass parts and the simplicity of its silhouette give it a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic that will stand the test of time.
The pendant emits lighting directed mainly downwards.
The opalised glass provides comfortable, homogeneous lighting.
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Dimensions:Ø 55 cm x H 23.3 cm – Cable: L 400 cm max.