Von Erlach II Candelabra by Driade Metal


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Driade Candelabra Metal Metal.
Dimensions: L 40 x W 28 x H 2,7 cm.
Laudanni & Romanelli propose us two magnificent candlesticks to put as ” a table way”.
Realized some melted aluminum, these candlesticks Von Erlach evoke the broken volute of an architectural relief.
They give forms and dynamism to the light.
The designers wanted here to return an ironic homage to the big poet of the German architectural neoclassicism, mixes conscience and absolute romantisme.
Laudani & Romanelli do us to rediscover a cultivated one then lost memory with nostalgia.
Exist in two versions: Von Erlach I (L 60 cm, for 6 candles), and Von Erlach II (L 40 cm, for 4 candles) opposite.
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Dimensions:L 40 x W 28 x H 2,7 cm