White Line Stew pot – 3,8L – Web exclusivity by Eva Trio White


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Eva Trio Stew pot White Metal.
Dimensions: l 28 cm x H 12,5 cm x W 20 cm.
Induction heating is a relatively new and advanced technology with some unique characteristics.
Magnetic induction offers very short heating times and reacts extremely fast when the heat is turned down.
How it works is that the cooking pan has a magnetic base which is heated up by means of an electric coil in the cooker.
At present, not all types of induction cooker have cooking zones which automatically adjust to the size of the pan.
On each product in the White Line series, the diameter of the induction zone (the dark area) is stated on the base – it is this zone which is magnetic.
Perhaps look in the instructions from the cooker manufacturer to see which diameters match the individual cooking plate.
Dimensions:l 28 cm x H 12,5 cm x W 20 cm