W&S – Chamber Vase – Porcelain by Hay White


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Hay Vase White Ceramic.
Dimensions: L 20 x W 14 cm x H 22 cm.
Wang & Söderström is a transdisciplinary duo based in Copenhagen made up of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström.
Their work is defined by experimental research aimed at blurring the lines between the physical and the digital, between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.
Their creations with their strange biomorphic shapes are produced digitally from a hand-made model.
Each piece in the collection was first hand-modelled, then copied and 3D printed.
This approach, which combines handwork and digitisation, leaves room for error, imperfection and approximation, so specific to artisanal work.
The biomorphic forms appeal to matter and movement.
Simple but irregular, these shapes are delimited by flexible curves which create an impression of movement, suggest a possible evolution or the result of past transformations.
Anny Wang and Tim Söderström explain: “We combine, collect and explore physical elements in a digital environment.
The end result is a portfolio of projects using new technologies to shape the visual and spatial experiences of tomorrow.
Mysterious, modern and singular, their sculptural creations lie at the border between art and design.
Dimensions:L 20 x W 14 cm x H 22 cm