Yuh LED Table lamp – H 61 cm by Louis Poulsen Black


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Louis Poulsen Table lamp Black Metal.
Dimensions: H 61 cm – Base: Ø 20 cm – Cable: L 250 cm.
GamFratesi, the most exciting Danish designer duo of the moment, is the brains behind the Yuh lamp, created in tribute to the philosophy of Louis Poulsen, according to which a design must shape the light.
Boasting an impressive knowledge of the history of design and inspired by Poul Henningsen’s approach to light as well as Arne Jacobsen’s geometric forms, GamFratesi has paid homage to these legends by adding his own highly characteristic fun and aesthetic touch to the Yuh lamp.
This Yuh lamp is ultra-mobile: it can be turned, raised and lowered as you wish.
The lampshade can be tilted and swivel from right to left, and it is height-adjustable (it slides up and down the base).
GamFratesi says: “The greatest difficulty lay in designing a lamp that can be moved in several directions.
We worked with three different types of movement around the axis: tilting, rotation and vertical movement.
It made things much more complicated.
It was a real challenge, but Louis Poulsen has an amazing team of engineers and we worked very well together.” The lamp emits a direct light, downwards, with no glare.
The angle of the lampshade can be changed to optimise the distribution of the light.
The narrow opening at the top of the lampshade ensures a soft ambient light is cast upwards.
This lamp has a dimmer with a timer function (push button located at the top of the base).
What GamFratesi says about the Yuh design: “We drew a great deal of our inspiration from the AJ lamp by Arne Jacobsen.
It has a particularly striking geometry.
It is tilted, but its lampshade is designed in such a way that part of it is always aligned with the ground.
It is both highly sculptural and very geometric.
Yuh is a piece of architecture.”
Dimensions:H 61 cm – Base: Ø 20 cm – Cable: L 250 cm