Yuh Table lamp – LED Marble base – Adjustable by Louis Poulsen Black


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Louis Poulsen Table lamp Black Metal.
Dimensions: H 61 cm – Base: Ø 20 cm – Cable: L 250 cm.
Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who make up GamFratesi, the most exciting design duo of the moment, designed a lamp called Yuh, a tribute to Louis Poulsen’s philosophy that design must shape light, and inspired by the classic virtues of Danish design.
With an impressive knowledge of the history of design and inspired by Poul Henningsen’s approach to lighting and Arne Jacobsen’s geometric shapes, GamFratesi pays homage to these true legends by giving the new Yuh lamp a characteristic playful aesthetic touch.
We were greatly inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s AJ lamp.
Its geometry is particularly striking.
It’s inclined, but its lampshade is designed so that there is always a part aligned with the ground.
It’s extremely sculptural, but also very geometric, says Stine Gam.
”It’s an architectural element, adds Enrico Fratesi.
One of the essential features of the lamp is its great flexibility.
A mechanical system offers great freedom of movement so that the light can always be adjusted to the ideal position in the workplace, in a living room, etc.
The diffuser turns, stands up and lowers to illuminate and create an ambiance in the desired space: the lamp is designed around you.
The lampshade is adjustable in height (it slides along its stem), rotating and tilting.
The angle of the lampshade can be modified to optimise the distribution of light.
The narrow aperture on the top of the lampshade ensures soft ambient upward lighting.
The lamp provides direct downlighting without dazzling.
Our biggest challenge was to design a lamp that could be oriented in several directions.
We worked with three different types of movement on the axis: tilt, rotation, and vertical movement.
That complicated things a lot It was a real challenge, but at Louis Poulsen, there was a fantastic team of engineers with whom we worked very well, says Enrico Fratesi.
Our desire to fit the diffuser on the base of the lamp comes from our admiration for the work of Poul Henningsen, and our preference for indirect light.
We like not seeing the light source directly, and so not being dazzled by it.
, explains Stine Gam.
The built-in LED technology offers quality lighting with gradual variation from 15 to 100%.
Timer function to turn off the light automatically after a certain time, 3-position switch off / 4 hours / 8 hours.
Function that lets you configure a fixed lighting level when the lamp is connected to the mains.
A button located at the top of the foot serves as a switch and dimmer.
Dimensions:H 61 cm – Base: Ø 20 cm – Cable: L 250 cm